ENECRETE® WP is a cementitious, single-component product that combines the most advanced accelerators with special volume-stabilizing additives to provide the fastest and most extraordinary leak-stopping technology available for masonry structures. It is designed to set within one minute after mixing with water.

ENECRETE® WS is an extraordinary, dual-component, easy-to-use compound that permanently seals brick, concrete, and block from infiltration and exfiltration. Use ENECRETE® WS proactively or after plugging a leak with ENECRETE® WP to create a permanent sealer.

Tech Sheets: ENECRETE® WP (EN / ES) | ENECRETE® WS (EN / ES)



  • Masonry, concrete, brick, and mortar surfaces
  • Tunnels
  • Manhole walls
  • Grout bolts and anchors
  • Overcoat ENECRETE WP with ENECRETE WS to seal walls from future dampness and seepage


ENECRETE® Special Features:

  • Just add water
  • Easily mixed with gloved hand
  • No special tools required
  • Limited surface prep needed
  • Takes just minutes to master proper application



  • Plugs leaks quickly
  • Rapid-set formulation (Sets in 1 minute)
  • Develops strength immediately
  • Chemically resistant
  • Similar thermal expansion properties to concrete
  • Excellent freeze-thaw resistance


  • Prevents concrete attack
  • Prevents and stops water infiltration
  • Seals concrete/masonry against dampness and seepage
  • Waterproofs all kinds of masonry structures
  • Flexible dual-component can also be used as repair mortar with proper mixing ratio
  • Use as negative side/positive side flow preventive coating

More Info


ENECRETE® WP is an extremely fast-setting, leak-plugging composite with the ability to stop running water through masonry structures. It is designed to be mixed with water and to set within one minute.


ENECRETE® WS is a protective and waterproofing sealer for masonry structures. It employs a multiple curing reaction process to impart its exceptional properties that occur upon mixing, combining the hydration reaction of calcium/silica/aluminum cement, for strength and durability, with the film-forming reaction of a polymer adhesive, for waterproofing, chemical resistance and adhesion.

ENECRETE® WS can be used as a negative side/positive side flow preventive coating and also as a repair mortar, depending on the component mixing ratio used. As such, it solves two common problems in industry: concrete attack and water infiltration.

Use ENECRETE® WS alone as a proactive, preventative measure or over ENECRETE® WP to help with possible future water infiltration after plugging a leak.