a selection of before, during, and after images from a variety of applications across our product line.


Ceramalloy CL+AC aND CP+AC repair chillers


METALCLAD Ceramalloy CL+AC AND CP+AC repair pumps, Impellers, and more


CHEMCLAD SC and XC Protect Containment Areas


CHEMCLAD SC and XC Protect Holding Tanks from Chemical Attack


ENECLAD FPS, CFS, and SPS Floor Protection Systems Restore and Protect Industrial Workfloors


ENECRETE DuraQuartz Provides Longer-Lasting Rebuild and Protection of Concrete Structures


ENESEAL CR Protects Equipment Against Corrosion with Minimal Prep-Work and Easy Application


ENESEAL HR Protects Roofs from Leaks While Providing Industry-Leading Heat Refraction, Reducing Energy Costs


METALCLAD DurAlloy Restores Metal Threads, Helping Hard-to-replace parts work just as new


Ceramalloy cbx restores, strengthens, and protects tractor claw