ENESEAL® MP forms an invisible, hydrophobic barrier inside masonry pores that repels water and water-borne salts, significantly reducing the damaging effects of moisture penetration such as surface scaling, freeze-thaw cracking and corrosion of reinforcing steel.

ENESEAL® MP/HS provides the same unique and invisible protection, but is specifically recommended over ENESEAL® MP for horizontal surfaces.

Tech Sheets: ENESEAL® MP (EN / ES) | ENESEAL® MP/HS (EN)




  • Concrete walkways or loading areas
  • Protecting masonry, stone, brick, block, mortar, clay tiles, and more against rain, sleet, snow, and water damage


  • Applications on horizontal surfaces



  • Protects masonry, concrete, stone, and tile surfaces against water and moisture penetration
  • UV-resistant
  • Water-based
  • Breathable
  • Invisible
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Specifically recommended for horizontal surfaces and high foot traffic areas

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ENESEAL® MP is a single component, water-based, ultra-low viscosity weather barrier which dries to a completely invisible, water repellent masonry sealer. It provides extraordinary weather protection to virtually all types of concrete, masonry and mineral surfaces.

The invisible barrier forms below masonry surfaces to depths of up to 3/4 inch and, therefore, will not wear away as a result of surface traffic and/or harsh weather conditions. This barrier is also breathable, allowing water vapor to escape from inside the concrete or masonry while dramatically reducing liquid water penetration into the substrate.


ENESEAL® MP/HS provides the same benefits as ENESEAL® MP, but is specifically formulated for horizontal surfaces. For masonry walls and other vertical surfaces, we recommend ENESEAL® MP.