Concrete Protection and You

ENECON NorCal is an independent distributor for ENECON Corporation in Northern California. ENECON, based out of Medford, NY, has been serving a variety of industries for over 25 years and in over 60 countries with our wide array of protective polymers and surface solutions, all made in the USA. Regardless of the state of your location, we have the solution to bring your location up to code while being easy on your budget. Each different type of sealant can be put on in a number of easy, quick, and clear-cut ways — such as being painted or sprayed onto a surface. Some options don’t even require you to clean or sand the surface prior to application.

Why Should You Consider Concrete Protection?


While there are many reasons to consider having your concrete problem repaired with protective coatings, the benefits of which range from both an improved appearance to preventing further damage, there is a far more practical reason to look at ENECON’s solutions for you. We live in an incredibly litigious society, as people are constantly looking for someone to sue so they can attempt to get free money due to some kind of injury. Simply put, having old, cracked, or broken concrete can be a liability — one easily solved by ENECON’s friendly, courteous, and professional resurfacing experts.

The application and uses of concrete protection can be seen in many examples, but looking at a set of stairs is often one of the easier ones. Stairs, due to being high volume and high traffic, often wear over time, especially if they are outside and exposed to the weather. Worn away concrete stairs can even get so bad that their cracking and pitting can cause an unsafe condition – either from the width of the stair eroding, or from the presence of cracks or jagged edges which can injure your customers and site visitors, as well as your employees.


With concrete protection, however, not only are the cracks and jagged spaces filled in, but the whole section of concrete is covered with a protective layer of polymers. This protection can return a jagged set of stairs to the required width needed for ADA codes, as well as remove any chance of you getting sued for having old or decrepit stairs.

Why ENECON Is Right for You


With ENECON’s combined years of experience in the resurfacing and protection industry, it is no wonder that we often work with many large industrial companies as well as have contracts with various US military organizations, such as the U.S. Navy and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Start the process today and begin exploring your options for concrete protection that is not only tailored to your business, but also to your environment.