ENECON comes from "Energy Conservation." With our unique solutions, we conserve energy in more ways than just one. ENECON provides solutions to problems that conserve our customers' time and energy every day. More than this, we provide services that repair industrial equipment and facilities as a whole to better-than-new condition, conserving the headache, resources, materials, and energy it would otherwise take to replace what we help restore and maintain. It's on this concept of conserving mental, physical, and resource-intensive energy for our customers, ourselves, and the earth that we truly pride ourselves.


Whether repairing a pipe to be better and stronger than new, repairing metal threads on hard-to-find parts, filling and refinishing a ship's propeller with a forgiving polymer that repairs past and protects against future cavitation, or coating containment areas, work floors, or tanks to keep a facility running (and looking) its best, we're in the business of helping you save time, money, and aggravation.

We do this with industry-leading solutions to keep performance optimal and maintenance low on jobs big and small. We won't turn anything down because it's too small or too large because our job isn't about the size of the job, it's about helping our customers with whatever it is we're called upon on any given day.


Get in touch with us today for a no-cost, no obligation site visit to identify your biggest problems that we can help solve. All of our products are 100% VOC-free or very low-VOC, and they all meet California's strict AQMD, SCAQMD, and CARB regulations. To learn more about what we have to offer in nearly every plant-life extension and equipment repair category, please select from the menu at the top of this page under "Products."