Why You Need Concrete Floor Coatings

There is so much that can go wrong in all kinds of industries that concrete floor coatings can easily prevent. Not having good concrete protection inevitably results in degradation and much larger future repair costs. It can save time and money while improving the safety of your employees. On top of this, it is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to the alternative. But be sure to pick a quality, industrial-strength product and the correct team that knows how to apply it well the first time.


What Could Happen?

There are several problems that could occur if you don’t have the right kind of concrete protection on your plant floors. You’re probably aware of how dangerous industrial areas can be, so it’s a good idea to limit that risk in every way possible.

First of all, high quality concrete floor coatings can provide excellent chemical attack protection. If you work with corrosive chemicals, it’s very likely that there will be some sort of spill or leak at one point. If it is a major spill, it could have a widespread effect on a large section of flooring before it’s neutralized and cleaned up. Perhaps worse, if it is a small leak that isn’t detected immediately, it could concentrate that damage on a single area that might require significant repairs in order to make up for it. A good floor coating can prevent these problems from happening.

It doesn’t even have to be something dangerous in and of itself that damages your floor, either. Plain water, over time, can wear away at concrete both on the surface level and inside cracks and fissures, undermining the substrate from the inside. Ask any waterproofing contractor and they will tell you that a good floor coating can save thousands of dollars in damage.

Furthermore, coating your concrete floors can give them more or less traction, based on the final texture that you desire, making it easier to move cargo and equipment and preventing a lot of slipping that can cause injuries for your employees. The coating also can make ramps easier to navigate and blind corners less dangerous.

How Easy Are Concrete Floor Coatings To Install?

It is incredibly easy to install a coating on your concrete floors. In most cases, all you need is a product like ENECON NorCal’s ENECRETE or ENECLAD line of flooring coating, which covers concrete flooring and fills in holes and cavities that may have already been there. Using it is incredibly simple, provided a correct surface prep and application.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to protect your investments both in terms of location and workers, so consider concrete floor coatings today. Call ENECON NorCal to provide you with a full turnkey quote.