Why You May Need Epoxy Floor Coatings

Many, if not most, businesses in the industrial segment need some sort of epoxy floor coatings. That’s usually because they work with dangerous materials that may wear away at the very foundations of a plant; so chemical attack protection and waterproofing are necessary to ensure the health and safety of workers as well as the longevity of valuable work space. Regardless of the specific motivation, there are several reasons why it might be a good idea to consider this sort of coating and to hire a reliable waterproofing contractor who also handles plant life extension to carry out the work.

What Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Made Of

“Epoxy” is actually the cured end product of resins from the epoxide functional group. In other words, it is a type of material from a particular subset of chemicals that can form a hard seal or a powerful adhesive very easily. This property can be controlled by manipulating the components being put into it.


Commercial epoxy floor coatings are usually made by combining a number of different types of resin in order to produce a specific consistency or effect. In some cases, the type of catalyst that causes them to react is altered as well to produce a very particular chemical reaction. In the case of ENECON NorCal’s CHEMCLAD SC product, for example, two components must be mixed together before application in order to ensure that the protective properties of the resin are activated.

The chemicals used in floor coatings are often kept separate for easier and longer storage. Preventing the chemical reaction until you need it gives the product unlimited shelf life and also leads to less waste of valuable materials.


Installation of Floor Coatings

Actually installing, or applying, epoxy for concrete protection is usually pretty easy in and of itself, although a professional turn-key installation by a crew that knows ENECON’s products is always recommended to ensure quality results.

A professional will know how best to prepare the surface for application. Failures related to floor coating application are generally because of bad surface preparation, not respecting the cure times in between coats, overshooting the overcoat window, etc. Failures can encompass a number of different issues.

Once the floor protection coating is properly installed, however, you can expect decades of protection in most cases. Whether you’re repairing a problem or just preventing one, you can count on ENECON NorCal and its team of knowledgeable experts to help solve your floor protection problems, whether you need epoxy floor coatings or a different approach.