What You Need for Chemical Attack Protection

If your business works with hazardous chemicals in any capacity, it’s a good idea to prepare some sort of chemical attack protection to make sure that accidents can be avoided and, if they happen, that the damage can be contained as much as possible. In many cases, the right preparation can prevent the worst problems from happening, but it is wise to also be proactive in ensuring that at-risk areas are always in the best possible shape.

Preventive Chemical Attack Protection

The problem with working with certain materials is that they inevitably wear away and slowly destroy anything that contains them. Whether the hazardous substance is in large tanks or pipes for transport, or secondary containment areas, eventually it will create weaknesses and holes that can result in serious damage to the substrate and endanger on-site workers.

Since these substances will eventually start eating away at their containers, why not protect them from the start with a high quality chemical resistant coating? Protective coatings like ENECON NorCal’s CHEMCLAD line not only provide a layer between the chemicals in question and what is holding them, but they also are made from formulas with chemical structures that do not react as much with corrosive chemicals as metals and concrete do, letting you use the strength of those materials, but not allowing the interactions that cause damage.

Not only is it a good idea to install chemical attack protection on storage containers, transport systems, and secondary containment areas, but it is also usually smart to consider protecting floors near hazardous materials storage, so they do not deteriorate in case of a leak or other accident.

Fixing Chemical Damage

Sometimes, because of a poor installation, disintegration over time, or just not moving quickly enough to get a system in place, it’s necessary to repair or replace equipment that has been damaged in some way by chemical attack. Fortunately, there are ways to perform effective repairs that will save your company money and deliver dependable results.


For example, ENECON NorCal’s METALCLAD or ENECRETE lines are excellent solutions for repairing damaged metal or concrete equipment or storage. ENECRETE is a polymer composite that can be either administered directly into cracks, or used for an infinite amount of concrete repair solutions. METALCLAD, on the other hand, can be used to repair and recondition a variety of metal structures, be it cooling towers, heat exchangers, pumps, corroded piping, etc.

Chemical attacks can cause untold damage to your business and the people working there. That is why it is critical for you to take steps to ensure that your operation has installed chemical attack protection provided by a qualified and experienced company.