Quick Tank Repairs

Industrial tank repairs can be a significant problem, especially when discussing tanks that hold hazardous or corrosive chemicals. The issues that this can cause are multi-layered, a string of concerns that can lead to accidents that are both dangerous and costly. Fortunately, there are ways to repair industrial tanks quickly that are secure and reduce the time that it takes to get the system back up and running.

Storage and holding Tank Repairs

Storage tanks can be the most difficult to deal with since they often contain dangerous chemicals or materials. In many cases, storage tanks contain substances that possess a high tendency to corrode other matter – which is one of the factors making them so dangerous. Tanks can be treated and coated to protect against this inevitable process.

That’s why it is important, in combination with regular and thorough internal inspections, to have plans in place to handle corrosion and even leaks, as they begin. That’s one of the major reasons why products like METALCLAD SpeedAlloy exist. This multiple component polymer mixes in a 1 to 1 ratio and sets from a paste-like consistency to a metal-hard composite in minutes.

For active leaks, there is METALCLAD, SpeedAlloy QS, which means, Quick Set, might also be employed to detain the leak and allow time for a good surface prep, for later applying SpeedAlloy for a definitive solution. Much like the standard SpeedAlloy, it mixes easily and starts as a paste, but instead of taking minutes to cure, it can solidify in seconds, stopping leaks immediately. Both SpeedAlloy types have unlimited shelf lives, so it’s easy to have them on hand in case of emergencies.

Processing Tanks

Not all tank repairs happen in a static environment. Some industrial tanks are designed for processing, with a consistent flow of chemicals moving through them. While it’s tempting to think that this will prevent corrosion from happening as quickly, keep in mind that most of these tanks still are immersed in potentially hazardous material. Its movement has little impact on its corrosive effects.

The problem is that if there is a leak in a processing tank, it could shut down large portions of a complex system in order to repair everything. That’s another reason why SpeedAlloy and SpeedAlloy QS exist: to limit or eliminate downtime caused by leaking pipes and processing tank damage.

For handling a wide range of chemical repairs, ENECON NorCal offers a full line of protective coatings and sealants for all types of industrial applications. Major industrial projects come with all sorts of unforeseen difficulties. Being prepared to handle them, especially common ones like the need for pipe and tank repairs, having the right coatings and solutions that work, and provide the protection you are looking for, is key to a smooth operation.