Installing Epoxy Floors

It may not sound very simple to install epoxy floors, but it can be fairly easy and is important to do, especially if you have an industrial business that needs concrete protection. In fact, it can be a major boon to you, saving time, money, and manpower with a simple action that often takes less than a day and won’t significantly hinder production while it’s being applied. It can be done by almost anyone, though the best installations are overseen by a professional. Either way, it’s worth the money and effort.


Why Epoxy Floors Are Installed

There are several reasons why somebody would want to install an epoxy floor. They serve as excellent protection and can be used to avoid slips both from people and equipment. They also can preserve your physical location for longer, preventing damage and ensuring that you don’t have to pay for expensive and time-consuming replacements any time soon.


A great example of this is the chemical attack protection that epoxy floors provide. Many plants or industrial institutions use corrosive chemicals either intentionally, in order to process or refine raw materials, or create as a side effect of processing. In either case, a leak can cause significant damage to floors, usually over time. If it’s in an area that can’t easily be seen, even a small drip over time can cause serious damage that costs thousands to repair or flat out replace, assuming it doesn’t cause injuries in the meantime. An epoxy floor can prevent that.

A professional plant life extension and waterproofing contractor will tell you that an epoxy floor is a great way to protect against the erosion caused by equipment use, effects of daily industrial activity, or flowing water or chemicals over time. This can be as obscure as a leak that slowly eats away at floors, or it can be as simple as outdoor docks that are subject to the elements like rain and snow. In either case, protecting against erosion is an excellent and inexpensive precaution.


Epoxy Floor Installation

Once you’ve decided to actually install and apply an epoxy floor coating like ENECON NorCal’s CHEMCLAD SC, XC, or FPS (Floor Protection System), the product can be mixed together and simply applied on the prepared surface that you want to protect.

It’s often a good idea to hire a professional to ensure that the surface is prepared properly to get the most effectiveness out of your epoxy protectant. Count on ENECON NorCal’s team of experts for a free on-site visit and estimate.

It doesn’t take a lot to install high quality epoxy floors, but they can be just what you need to protect your investments.