Good Reasons for an Elastomeric Roof Coating

There are a number of reasons why an elastomeric roof coating is a great solution to provide an impermeable barrier against roof leaks. An added layer of protection is usually considered to be a good idea in order to preserve important equipment, especially in industrial settings where broken machines and electronics are expensive and should be well protected. What people don’t often think about is how heat and other factors can more quickly break down a protectant if they don’t research well and select the right product for the solution they are looking for.

Thermal Expansion

One of the biggest problems with protective coatings is one of thermal expansion. Every structure expands in the heat and contracts when it cools off. Usually this is imperceptible unless your maintenance team is on top of it. If not taken care of early in the process, it can cause serious problems and damage over time.

While this isn’t a problem in and of itself, it does become an issue when you realize that things also expand and contract at different rates, so the protective coating put on an outdoor piece of machinery doesn’t expand at the same rate as the machine itself, leaving the machine to break the “skin” of the protective coating and expose portions to corrosion that it wouldn’t have otherwise.

The secondary problem that is caused by this issue is that corrosion now happens in patches, or particular locations, making it a lot more difficult and costlier to repair.

What is an Elastomeric Roof Coating?

One great advance in high tech industrial coatings is ENECON’s ENESEAL HR, an elastomeric roof coating that also refracts heat. Being elastometric, it allows anything coated with ENESEAL HR to expand and contract with the substrate as much as necessary without having to worry about it breaking the seal. In the cases of roofs, this means that there will be an impermeable barrier against cracks and leads, especially in the rainy season.

ENESEAL HR from ENECON NorCal is mono component and can be applied onto a surface, just like paint, with a brush, roller or airless spray system. When dry, it forms an impermeable barrier and protects whatever substrate is below it. ENESEAL HR protects against the problems of thermal expansion both by being able to “stretch” around expanding materials and by being heat refractive to conserve energy by refracting heat on rooftop equipment and keeping the interior of the building cooler, as well.

Moreover, ENESEAL HR is microporous, meaning that it will keep out moisture while still allowing humidity to escape, keeping your roof dry and less exposed to the elements.

It is much cheaper to prevent damage than to replace equipment. There are also better forms of protection than others, and that is why ENESEAL HR is your first choice in industrial-quality rooftop and equipment protection, providing an elastomeric roof coating for industrial facilities of all kinds.