Ensuring Leak Protection

One of the most important maintenance considerations in running a plant of any kind is leak protection. It doesn’t take long for a small leak to turn into a large one, and there are times when pressure must not have even the slightest drop or it could be disaster for workers and the company. Nobody wants to run the risk of flooding important equipment, letting dangerous chemicals into the environment, or not having the fire suppression systems be able to deliver water when they’re needed, so preventing leaks is an absolute must.

How Leaks Start

There are several ways that you can get a leak in the system. Part of the problem is that they are often small and unpredictable, so one can exist with nobody knowing about it for months before something happens that causes people to notice. This usually means a much larger leak that has been opened up by the flow of liquids through it, but it could just as easily be a chain reaction of events that causes major equipment damage or even injury.

Usually, a leak starts due to erosion of a part where liquid is flowing on a regular basis. This can be pipes with water flowing through them, a chemical etching system, or even tanks for processing beer. If liquid is moving through something, it is going to erode that substrate at least a little on a constant basis, eventually removing enough matter from the surface to create a small hole. As liquid travels through that hole, because it’s such a tight fit, it will keep wearing away at it until it grows larger and eventually it runs the risk of not being a quick fix. At that point, your plant floor is also covered in liquid and other pieces that don’t react well to moisture and might get damaged.

Of course, leaks can also be caused by thermodynamically unfavorable conditions. Extreme heat or exposure to UV rays can break down metal and cause leaks that get out of control as well. In this case, the heat causes parts of the metal to expand when in direct contact, but contract when they cool off, creating fractures that open into leaks.

Making Leak Protection a Priority

You can’t always have perfect leak protection, but you can be ready when something goes wrong. That’s why ENECON NorCal has made products like SpeedAlloy and SpeedAlloy QS.

For the best protection against leaks, ENECON offers a full line of protective coatings and sealants for all types of industrial applications. The right products can make sure that when something terrible does happen, your systems will remain active. Take the time to create a plan for proper leak protection today.