Corrosion Protection Will Save You Money

One of the first recorded problems faced by humanity was how to come up with effective corrosion protection. Whether referred to as corrosion, “fouling,” or merely “decay,” corrosion has been a persistent issue faced by civilizations going back to prehistory, not to mention all industries around the world today. The reason for this is very simple: it is always easier and cheaper to avoid a problem rather than having to fix it, and fix it rather than replace something.

Reasons Corrosion Happens

Corrosion happens to everything over time. That’s because everything is made up of minerals and chemicals. They are made of atoms, which react with other atoms, usually in a way that is beneficial, but often in ways that break things down. Chemical reactions are attempts by matter to reach a state of “equilibrium,” meaning that it is as chemically non-reactive as possible.

The problem with this is that anything in a state of equilibrium with industrial chemicals is not very good for holding or transporting them. These chemical reactions break down the material so that it no longer has the mechanical structure needed to provide effective transport or containment. Things start to fall apart because their microscopic pieces are melding, giving up pieces of their atoms, or simply being broken apart and the bonds that hold them together dissolved.

Over time, even the air itself can prove corrosive to certain things. In an environment where accidents can cost both lives and untold amounts of money, it is best to take reasonable precautions to avoid corrosion.

Modern Corrosion Protection

In the modern age, there are a number of corrosion protection options that are available to help reduce the incidence of corrosion and, by extension, the accidents caused by it. One such product is ENESEAL CR, a corrosion resistant industrial coating that is applied just like paint, and can be applied to surfaces that must be protected from further corrosion, via brush, roller, or spray. Unlike its predecessors, it is surface tolerant, meaning you don’t have to grit blast, which saves untold amounts of money and associated headache and additional and valuable time. In many cases, grit blasting is not an option, which leaves maintenance managers with few other solutions. ENESEAL CR also is UV resistant, so you won’t feel that “chalky” feeling after a year or more in the sun. But more importantly, ENESEAL CR has the primer and rust inhibitor incorporated and possesses a quality called “elastomericity,” which means that it moves with the surface it is painted on as it expands and contracts due to thermal variances. ENESEAL CR won’t crackly over time because it has over 200% elastomericity and will expand and contract with the substrate, day in and day out.

Also unlike other solutions, it is mono-component, meaning that it doesn’t require the accurate combination of a number of different things in order to work properly. All you need to do is stir it, and apply, just like any other paint. This is just one example of the many ways we can help you and your maintenance team solve your most challenging industrial problems.

ENECON NorCal, an independent distributor of ENECON based in Northern California, offers a full line of protective coatings and sealants for all types of industrial applications. Modern industry deals with corrosion regularly, so it’s vital to keep up with the latest advances in corrosion protection to avoid unnecessary damage and associated costs.